With height and experience on his side, Tyler Smith welcomes Tommy Tran to kickboxing competition

Tyler Smith (0-1 Atlantic MMA) vs. Tommy Tran (0-0 4M Fitness)

Atlantic MMA kickboxer Tyler Smith arrives at Fight For It X aiming to avenge the loss of his debut bout last year. Despite taking a loss, however, his experience in live competition will be invaluable against the debut fighter Tommy Tran, of 4M Fitness.

Debuts can promise surprises, as untested fighters find their footing, but no training experience can fully replicate the pressure of competing. Plus, with Smith standing 6’2″ at 135 lbs., relative to Tran’s 5’4″, the advantages — on paper, anyway — are clear.

Without knowing what tricks Tran might have in store, it seems safe to give the edge in this bout to Smith.

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