FIGHT FOR IT X RECAP: Sebastian Quevedo vs. Naman Naoum

sebastian quevedo vs. naman naoum

Sixteen-year-old kickboxers Sebastian Quevedo and Naman Naoum gave a back-and-forth brawl through all three rounds of their opening bout at Fight For It X.

The debuting fighter Quevedo found his range with sharp straight punches, and wide overhands, but Naoum’s tight guard in the early rounds let him keep pressure on his opponent. Possibly taking lessons from his debut loss, Naoum showed patience in the early rounds applying steady forward pressure with sharp counters and heavy knees in the clinch.

With Quevado on the back foot, Naoum won the judges’ favor, moving the Modern Warrior MMA prospect to 1-1. Quevedo takes his first loss, but showed immense heart and adaptability that promises big things in his next venture into the ring.

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