Cliff Gunderson emerges victorious after a brutal five-round title fight with Jordan Fox

After their action-packed Fight For It VI title bout ended in a draw, both Jordan Fox and Cliff Gunderson were hungry for the championship strap. And then they clashed at Fight For It VIII, it was immediately obvious that no love was lost between these two warriors.

Both men came into the ring aggressively, putting together heavy combinations and clashing in a grinding clinch. But Gunderson found his advantage in the infight as he peppered Fox’s ribs with sharp knees and heavy punches. Despite his remarkable toughness, these vicious strikes to the body took a tool on Fox, and as the clock wound down in round five, Gunderson finally dropped his opponent.

The official result: Gunderson wins the strap with a KO, only two seconds away from the final bell.