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Tenacious Tee Yang looks for kickboxing victory against MMA vet Ahmed Khamis

Looking to reverse the momentum of a three-fight skid, Atlantic MMA’s Tee Yang will square off against Cor Fitness and MMA’s Ahmed Khamis, a 2-3 MMA fighter taking on a kickboxing debut to sharpen his striking before a planned return to the cage.

Yang has showed plenty of heart in previous Fight For It events, but hasn’t been able to sway the judges yet, including at Fight For It VII, when he faced Khamis’ Cor Fitness and MMA teammate Juan Morales. Here, he’ll play his experience with the kickboxing rule-set against Khamis’ MMA-focused skill set.

For the Palestinian-born Khamis, this bout presents an opportunity to sharpen his stand-up game between MMA bouts, and to demonstrate his gameness in any ruleset. Look for him to ply his experience in the cage to offer a dynamic kickboxing debut.

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