Pro MMA Preview: Striking specialist Georges Kopa goes toe-to-toe with the formidable Jonathan Martin

Success in one arena doesn’t guarantee success in another. This is particularly true for athletes transitioning from a more limited martial discipline into the open rule-set of MMA.

Though he’s proven himself in the cage, boasting a 3-1 record in professional MMA, Georges Kopa’s background as a kickboxer continues to raise questions about his ability to transition effectively to the demands of MMA striking. His high posture leaves him susceptible to takedowns, a vulnerability that the 4-1 Jonathan “The Phenom” Martin is likely to exploit when the two meet at Fight For It XV.

Martin’s boasts a unique Wonder Boy-style kickboxing style to stand against Kopa’s striking prowess. Martin also claims advantages in height and youth, making him a formidable opponent for Kopa. While, Kopa has had success against slightly taller opponents, Martin’s striking, clinch work, and ground game provide him with an edge in multiple ranges.

Kopa should anticipate Martin’s strategy focusing on pressuring and pushing him against the cage, aiming to secure takedowns and dominate grappling exchanges. One of Kopa’s past opponents, BillyJack Cupp, expressed surprise at Kopa’s ability to scramble back to the feet after being taken down. While Kopa’s defensive skills have improved, relying solely on defense is not sufficient to win fights. Kopa must be able to pose a threat from his back, showcasing offensive skills that can challenge Martin’s dominant position.

Given their respective styles and skills, it seems likely that Martin will continue his recent trend of success and emerge victorious against Kopa. But, if Kopa can show he’s learned from past struggles in grappling exchanges, he just might find a path to victory in this matchup.

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