Omer Hassan set to defend his 135-lbs. kickboxing title against the challenger, Brent Williams, at Fight For It XIII

Omer “Omiyo” Hassan earned the kickboxing belt at Fight For It IX with a consistent showing against Aidan Chester, which saw Hassan keeping his man out of range with heavy low kicks, and strong work in the clinch. With that unanimous decision victory, Hassan showed his skills, his grit, and his endurance through a full five-round battle.

As he stares down the challenger, Brent Williams, expect Hassan to rely on a similar strategy of controlling the fight at range, and working the body to slow and stagger his opponent.

Williams arrives looking to avenge the controversial stoppage he suffered against Dylan Williams at Fight For It XI. In that MMA bout, Dylan Williams’ first flurry sent Brent to the mat, where the fight was quickly — and in many eyes, prematurely — waved off. It certainly didn’t give Brent the opportunity to showcase his strong skills on the feet, skill she displayed in a decision victory over Xavier Poole back at Fight For It VIII.

In addition to avenging his MMA loss, Brent Williams will seek to once again prove himself as an adept striker. He will definitely have the surge of motivation to carry him into this fight. But look for Hassan to stay patient, work methodically to control the range, and take control in the later rounds to hold onto his belt.

Fight For It XIII goes down Saturday, April 9 at the Downtown Spartanburg Marriott in Spartanburg, SC. Purchase your tickets now at

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