FIGHT FOR IT X RECAP: Brandon Garcia vs Brendan Chapman

brandon garcia vs. brendan chapman

The bantamweight battle of Brandon Garcia and Brendan Chapman saw both men entering the bout at 0-1, looking to add a notch in the win column.

Chapman, of Pitch Black MMA, opened the fight with an immediate lead leg left kick, but Team ROC Albemarle’s Garcia quickly turned the tides in his favor with an Ōuchi gari leg trip off of the cage. From the ground, Chapman attacked an armbar, forcing Garcia to stacks and escape. The ensuing scramble put both fighters back on the feet.

Again, Garcia dragged Chapman to the mat, attacking a choke in on the back, but can’t finish the submission before Chapman gets back on his feet and ends the round with some heavy knees to the body of Garcia.

Round two opens, again, with Chapman throwing high kicks and side kicks. Chapman seems to be winning the battle on his feet, when Garcia hits another mat return, and takes the back. Chapman, proving his grappling acumen, reverses position and claims a front headlock, from which he throws some tight punches and threatens D’arce and guillotine chokes.

Going into the third round, the fight looked even. This time, Chapman scores a takedown, with an Uchi mata from a whizzer, but he opts not to engage on the ground. Back on their feet, both fighters find their targets with heavy shots. Near the end of the round, Garcia catches a kick and holds on for dear life to avoid more knees and kicks from Chapman, but it’s not enough. Chapman walks out of the cage with the split victory win.

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