Fight For It XVIII Featured Bout: Heavy hitters George Lo and David Collins promise a thrilling clash

The similarities between George Lo (1-0) and David Collins (1-1) make for an intriguing match-up. Both men are taller than the average Welterweight, with Lo standing 6 feet tall and Collins listed at 6 feet, 2 inches. Further, both men fight from the southpaw stance and wield considerable power, drawing on similar experience in both kickboxing and mixed martial arts.

But despite their common traits and experiences, their strategies for victory will make this match unforgettable.

George Lo has incredible one-punch power in both hands. He will most likely look to use a natural speed advantage to land heavy counters on Collins. Lo’s frame will allow him to be more fluid and agile to avoid grappling exchanges and force Collins into a firefight, where Lo can capitalize on his ability to set traps with his footwork.

Collins will seek to use his heavy power to keep Lo on the back foot and shoot for early takedowns, pulling him out of position and causing him to fight in the chaos. Collins has a naturally bigger frame and can use it to wear down Lo by creating openings to clinch and grapple. This heavy pressure could end up forcing Lo to make poor choices and let Collins exploit any errors Lo may commit.

With this much finishing power in one match, any outcome between these two rising pros is sure to bring fireworks. Lo’s best path to victory sees him getting the job done early in round one. Collins wins if he can push through the early goings and deliver a methodical beatdown in later rounds.

Fight For It XVIII kicks off 2024 with a powerful card of kickboxing and MMA action at Charlotte’s Grady Cole Center on Saturday, Jan. 27. Catch every moment live or streaming via pay-per-view. Kickboxing prelims start at 3 p.m., and the MMA card ignites at 7 p.m. Tickets for the live event and pay-per-view stream are available now via

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