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Deuce Carter and Landon Bush offer a clash of striking styles in their shared debut

Fresh prospects clash when Deuce Carter and Landon Bush meet at Fight For It VIII. Both men arrive with strong camps in their corner, but anything is possible when newcomers clash in the ring.

Deuce Carter fights out of Asheville’s reliably tough Rogue Combat Club under Muay Thai coach Jesse Reyna and alongside Fight For It title contender Phil Kratz and head coach/ex-Bellator competitor Johnny Buck. The gym’s proven track record in competition bodes well for Carter.

But Landon Bush brings a more varied background from his training at Hickory’s Saeng Jeon Do Martial Arts. There, the Army veteran is exposed to a variety of martial arts styles including traditional arts Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Arnis, as well as more modern systems of BJJ, Muay Thai and combatives.

In this striking battle, anything can happen. Don’t miss the fireworks. Tickets for Fight For It VIII are available now at

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