A technical bout between Danny Zea and Jacques Gornail ends unresolved, with a draw due to a point deduction

The bout between Gym-O’s Danny Zea and Immortales MMA’s Jacques Gornail played out as written in the early preview. Gornail needed to control the outside and Zea the inside, and both combatants were savvy at invading the territory of the other.

In a technical back-and-forth bout, Gornail seemed to bring the power shots with his kicks while Zea released his fury via punches. Early on, it seemed to go Gornail’s way, but during the course of the bout, an accidental knee to Zea’s head caused Gornail to lose a point. With the point deduction, the bout ended unresolved, in a draw. (The disappointment is kind of equivalent to taking your sister to your senior high school prom.)

But hopefully, there will be a final word in a rematch. Gornail has said that he may cross over into the world of MMA. It would be interesting to see Gornail vs. Zea II under a different, more flexible rules format.

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