Both with UFC Vets in their Corner, Spruill and Jones Face-off at Fight for It VII

Kevin Spruill started his MMA career back in 2011, but after earning a 1-1 record — with the outcomes of both bouts decided by the judges — he took a few years off the competitive circuit to hone new skills across disciplines including judo, BJJ and boxing. His return to the cage in April against Kevin Grimm resulted in another notch in the win column for Spruill. A BJJ purple belt under Cody Maltais, Spruill has focused his efforts in this camp on grappling at Elevate MMA Academy and working separately with UFC vet Marcus Davis for more strategic development.

The debuting Dylan Jones has a UFC vet in his corner as well. Training out of Glory Martial Arts and Fitness in Sylva, under the former UFC lightweight and welterweight Spencer “The King” Fisher. An accomplished and advanced grappler, Jones promises he’s not “the standard 0-0 type.” Looking to test the breadth of his skill sets against the more cage-tested Spruill, Jones shows his gameness and promises, “at the very least we won’t be boring to watch.”

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