Jesse Ledbetter leads a steady, tenacious war of attrition to clinch a win over Henry Boyd

If there’s one thing to be said of the battle between Jesse Ledbetter and Henry Boyd at Fight For It XI, it was a fight. At moments, both men could be seen hobbling from heavy leg kicks, breathing heavily from exhaustion, and biting down on the mouthpiece and getting back into the fray.

In his debut, Boyd, showed early power and set a high pace with combinations on the inside. But Ledbetter — more experienced at 1-0 — avoided most of the power punches and picked at Boyd’s attacks while on the back foot. In terms of ring control, though, the early minutes looked good for Boyd.

But in the second, Boyd’s pace caught up with him, as did a few hard knees to the body and kicks to the legs from Ledbetter. As Boyd’s gas tank started to drain, Ledbetter maintained composure and found space for more combinations at range, keeping Boyd beyond his own punching range and continuing to wear down on the shorter man.

By the third round, both men wore clear signs of fatigue. Boyd managed to rally for several flurries, but Ledbetter’s steady tenacity and long, crisp strikes kept control of the round. In the end, Team ROC’s Ledbetter who took home a second victory.

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