FIGHT FOR IT X RECAP: Ali Tucker vs. Madison Reid

ali tucker vs. madison reid

Ali Tucker of Electric City MMA faced off against the relentless Madison ‘Mayhem’ Reid of Lake Norman Muay Thai, in an explosive debut for both fighters.

The youngest fighters of the card — at 14 and 13, respectively — were looking to make an impact and start their fight careers with a bang. From the first bell in the very first round, Reid came with an onslaught of strikes, landing heavy shots with her hands and feet, and quite a few beautifully executed spinning back fists in between. Her forward pressure was unmatched. Even as Tucker tried staving her off with some sharp teeps at range, Reid’s counter’s and offense proved too much to handle. Tucker dropped to her knees at the final bell.

A lot can be said about Tucker’s toughness as she battled through the absolute flurry of fists and kicks Reid was piling on. But it was Reid who would leave the cage with a clear unanimous victory from a dominant performance. I doubt this will be the last time these future stars will be on the Fight For It radar.

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