FIGHT FOR IT X RECAP: Alex Pokki vs. Colter Grice

Colter Grice vs. Alex Pokki

Combat Jiu-Jitsu fans were treated to a display of back-and-forth, strategic battles when Alex Pokki, representing Elevate MMA, took on Colter Grice, of Atlantic MMA.

After a scramble against the cage, Pokki attempted a takedown, but in the transition, Grice come out on top. From there, Pokki rolled through the position, only to have Grice attempt a partial crucifix control with a rear-naked choke. Squaring his base, Pokki managed to escape the crucifix and regain some ground. The bout quickly became a game of inches. While Pokki sought an angle to claim control,  Grice made subtle hip adjustments and threatening a kimura to stay ahead of his opponent, never allowing Pokki to secure full control.

But then, Pokki finally unraveled the mystery of Grice’s guard, escaping to a full side mount. Grice, however, refused to cede the position. Bridging up to his knees, Grice roles back to guard, catching Pokki in a triangle choke. After a quick foot adjustment and hip shift, Pokki is forced to tap to the choke, giving Grice the victory.

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