FIGHT FOR IT X RECAP: Tyler Vanhook vs. Brice Nix

tyler vanhook vs. brice nix

Tyler Vanhook, of Team ROC Albemarle, looked to come out strong in his debut against Brice Nix, of Atlantic MMA.

On paper, it was an even match-up, with both fighters making their debut, and possessing roughly equal reach, weight, and height. The only gap between them was in age, with Vanhook at 20 and Nix at 35.

The experience that comes with age definitely favored Nix. Vanhook struggled to deal with an onslaught of southpaw attacks through all three rounds. Nix came out heavily with body kicks and head kicks from both sides, but Vanhook was able to eat those shots and continue fighting. It takes a very tough individual to swallow those devastating body shots and cracking head kicks and continue to press onward.

But ultimately, Vanhook’s toughness was no match for the skill and composure displayed by Nix, especially for someone making their debut. With heavy low kicks, snappy head kicks, ripping body shots, and powerful check hooks, Nix dominated the bout for a unanimous decision victory.

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