Fight For It XVII Title Fight: Chris Stancil seeks to upset the undefeated Cody Reese for the Welterweight championship

Chris Stancil and Cody Reece promise a thrilling showdown in Charlotte as they vie for the Welterweight strap at Fight For It XVII.

Stancil (4-3) steps up against the undefeated Reece (6-0) with the momentum of a four-fight win streak buoying his confidence. This would be his first championship at his natural weight class, and you have to think he’s hungry for it. But standing across the mat, Reece, a former champion in another organization, is making a return after overcoming personal struggles with drug use. Naturally, he’ll be looking to earn the redemption arc.

Stancil’s challenge lies in adapting his game to the championship format. In a fight lasting five, four-minute rounds, he’ll have to manage his pacing, as well as adapting to the absence of elbow and knee strikes — tools he previously utilized to his advantage, but which are banned under North Carolina MMA rules. To offset Reece’s strengths, Stancil must rely on his natural attributes — height, length, and range. The strategy is clear: strategically maneuver within the cage, disrupt Reece’s rhythm, and capitalize on the limitations imposed by the rule set.

Reece’s journey back to the championship scene is nothing short of inspirational. With this comeback bout, he is making a stand against personal demons through the fight game. This fight, for Reece, is not just a championship bout, it’s a step towards reclaiming his place in the MMA world and shedding the shadows of his past. Stancil needs to recognize this narrative and aim to interrupt Reece’s mindset. For Stancil, the key will be maintaining focus and pressure throughout the 20-minute bout.

Training at Valhalla Combat Academy, Stancil has undergone significant improvements under the guidance of Trey Pace and Isaiah Monroe. This partnership has contributed to Stancil’s recent success. Reece, hailing from Team Roc Harrisburg, brings a diverse skill set honed through combat jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, and recent success in MMA. The clash of training philosophies and coaching strategies adds an extra layer of intrigue to this matchup.

As Fight For It XVII approaches, the Stancil vs. Reece matchup stands as a highlight, not just for the Welterweight Title but for the compelling stories each fighter brings to the cage. As Stancil fights to make a name for himself, Reece’s inspirational comeback adds emotional weight to the proceedings. MMA fans can expect an intense battle where both fighters will leave it all in the cage.

Fight For It XVII brings a heavy slate of kickboxing and MMA action to Charlotte’s Grady Cole Center on Saturday, Nov. 4. Catch every moment live or streaming via pay-per-view. Kickboxing prelims start at 3 p.m., and the MMA card ignites at 7 p.m. Tickets for the live event and pay-per-view stream are available now via

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