Lucas Lepri Purple Belt Brad Barnett to face Jayson “Nitro” Wilkins at Fight for It VII

A purple belt under six-time world champion Lucas Lepri and BJJ instructor at Atlantic MMA, Brad Barnett is a dedicated grappler and a fierce competitor. Like many, he started his grappling journey with wrestling in middle school and high school, but has since shifted his focus to fully embrace the “arte suave.” He’s looking to showcase a technical approach to the sport and to put on a good show.

But Jayson Wilkins won’t make it easy on him. A Gracie Barra purple belt at SAGA Combat Systems under Scott White — who trained under Bellator vet and Gracie Barra black belt Roger Carroll. Wilkins went into camp for this bout after medaling at the Ranger Up Grappling Classic in May, so he should be on top of his game for this match. 

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