FIGHT FOR IT IX RECAP: Michael Queen submits Brandon Garcia in the first round

Debuting fighters Michael Queen, out of Gym O, and Brandon Garcia, of Team ROC Harrisburg, started strong in their bout at Fight For It IX. Neither man wasted time feeling out his opponent as they quickly started trading punches. Queen stunned Garcia with a stiff jab and followed with an aggressive flurry, but Garcia was able to secure a clinch and trap Queen’s leg for a takedown.

On the ground, however, Queen took control of the fight, first locking Garcia in his guard with a guillotine attempt, then, as Garcia worked to pass, he transitioned to a tight triangle and ultimately caught an armbar for the first round finish. It was a strong display of slick jiu-jitsu for Queen, who earned a debut win in fine fashion. Though given the short duration of the bout, it remains to be seen what other threats Garcia might pose for future opponents.