FIGHT FOR IT X RECAP: Brian Griffin, Jr. vs. Lucas Setzer

brian griffin jr vs lucas setzer

Brian Griffin, Jr. must have felt confident to take on a debut bout against the 2-1 Lucas Setzer out of Atlantic MMA. Even with a significant reach advantage, the New Millennium Fitness prospect Griffin faced a tough opponent in the more seasoned Setzer.

But this is, as we all know, a sport where anything can happen at any moment. After a few brief exchanges on the feet, Griffin’s length and nimble footwork made him a tough target for Setzer. As the shorter man fired off an overhand, Griffin stepped in with a sharp knee to the body that sent Setzer stumbling into the cage. Griffin let off a few extra punches for good measure before the ref called off the fight.

And with that, just 30 seconds into his first fight, Griffin scored a stunning TKO victory. Clearly, the confidence was warranted.

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