2019 Fight For It Grand Prix Competitors Look To Finish Strong at Fight For It VIII

The 2019 Fight For It Grand Prix series has proved to be a competitive ranking, with few positions secured as we head into Fight For It VIII, the last opportunity for athletes to tally points on their way to the championship in November.

Wildcards abound on the Fight For It VIII card, leaving plenty of contention to be resolved. Ranked fighters with bouts scheduled for Fight For It VIII are denoted with an asterisk (*). With plenty of ties yet to be decided, and with new contenders entering the ring and cage on Sept. 14, these rankings are hardly locked in.

Kickboxing Middleweight

  1. Phil Kratz* (6)
  2. Dillion Cole (5)
  3. Chris Gonzales*/Josh Crouch*/Ryan Craven*/Zachary Faulkner (3)

MMA Bantamweight

  1. Micah Harnden* (15)
  2. Shameek Harvey* (10)
  3. Sam Cornacchione (5)

MMA Featherweight

  1. Tyler Sigmon (5)
  2. Ferdinand Goke/Levi Whitlow/Zachary Jones (3)

MMA Lightweight

  1. Billy Jack Cupp (11)
  2. Brady Reavis/Dylan Carnahan (6)
  3. Giovonnie Waddell (5)

MMA Welterweight

  1. Joel Faglier/Kendall Morris/Trukon Carson*/Zachary Faulkner* (6)
  2. Justin Trey Harrell (5)

MMA Heavyweight

  1. Cameron Wray/Marquell Fulwood-Jones (6)
  2. Chad Yard/Kevin Satterfield (5)
  3. Dalton Taylor (3)